Dental Dock and Medical Dock

Dental Dock and Medical Dock

Early detection and intervention of dental issues is

important in maintaining your oral health.

It is said that more than 50% of adults aged 35 and over have periodontal disease and over 85% of adults are at risk. Recent research also indicates that periodontal disease could worsen diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and osteoporosis. Your oral health is not just about your teeth and gums. It also has an impact on your overall health.

At DI Dental Setagaya Oral Clinic, our comprehensive dental examination service, “Dental Dock”, analyzes your oral health for any possible trouble areas. In addition to Dental Dock, we also offer “Medical Dock”, which is a medical checkup of areas that affect dental health. Medical dock serves to analyze the dental condition from a non-dental standpoint.

We also offer personalized medication services, one-on-one consultation services, blood test and allergy test as add-on options. Please email us if you have any inquiries regarding the examinations or any of the add-on options.

Contents of the Dental Dock and Medical Dock

In our Dental Dock service, we perform the following to assess your current oral situation

Periodontal complete examination using the periodontal probe
5 intraoral photographs (and additional photos of trouble areas) – to visualize your current oral situation
10 dental X-ray photographs
Three dimensional bite analysis using impression models – to analyze your bite and teeth line
Dental prosthesis screening – to identify risk factors for dental caries and periodontal disease
Oral mucosal examination – to screen for soft tissue abnormalities
Saliva and breath analysis using S-KIT – to detect disease risk factors and measure oral hygiene levels in real-time
Dynamic bite analysis – to analyze your occlusal condition and detect dental malocclusion (e.g. early tooth contact, bracing points, equalizer points, and A/B/C contacts )
Temporomandibular joint examination – to detect issues such as the misalignment of the jaw, misalignment/displacement of the articular disc, clicking sounds/crepitations, etc.

In our Medical Dock service, we provide the following special assessments

Lifestyle-related disease examination (Medical examination) *1
Dietary health examination *1

Add-on options: Blood Test, Allergy Test

Length of the Examination

Approximately 90 mins

Your Examination Results

Your examination results will be mailed to your home address or sent to your email address approximately two weeks after the checkup. Along with the results, we also send patients a personalized report on how to best maintain your oral health.


Dental Dock and Medical Dock ¥55,000
Medical Dock only ¥25,000

Add-on options

Blood Test ¥5,000~
Allergy Test ¥5,000
Personalized medication
One-on-one lifestyle
consultation service

*1 = For assessments ⑩ and ⑪, our quality neurosurgeon uses a specialized questionnaire to assess the areas that affects dental health and provides a comprehensive analysis of the patient’s oral condition from a non-dental standpoint.

S-KIT – The world’s first real-time saliva and breath analysis device

The dental director of the DI Dental Setagaya Oral Clinic, who is also the head of the startup company “Any-Edge Inc.” is currently developing the world’s first real-time saliva and breath analysis device (Five patent applications have been filed). Within two seconds, the MEMS (Mechanical Electrical Micro Systems) sensor inside the device screens your breath for biomarkers and analyzes your risk of bad breath, tooth decay and periodontal disease.

The device is currently under development; however, you can experience the device for yourself when you sign up for our Dental Dock.

For more information about Any-Edge inc.: