Our Dental Services

Our Dental Services
We treat various oral problems.
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General Dentistry

  • Insurance coverage option available

Our dentists can provide you with the professional care you need, whether it is preventive or corrective.

Services include

Root canal treatment, prosthodontic treatment (inlay, crown, bridge), biting therapy (bite plate, dental mouth guard, sports mouth guard), preventive treatment, etc.


Consultation (Every 30 mins) ¥5,000
3-D Computed Tomography ¥20,000
Root Canal Treatment

(with Rubber Dum Isolation・ZOO,

Microscope Magnification)
One root ¥50,000
Two Roots ¥75,000
Three Roots ¥135,000
Four Roots ¥170,000
Treatment fee (per 30 min) ¥5,000
Add-on options for
Root Canal Treatment
Infected Root Canals +¥10,000
Setting up a tentative wall +¥5,000
Crown and Bridge

(For patients with strong bite pressure)
Gold crown ¥100,000
Gold Inlay/ Onlay ¥45,000~
Bite Plates ¥50,000~
Dentures ¥150,000~
Conservative Treatment
Direct or Indirect Pulp Capping ¥20,000~

Periodontal Dentistry

  • Insurance coverage option available

We can help you prevent the progression of and repair the damage caused by periodontal disease.

Services include

Periodontal treatment (Periodontal surgery, scaling, SRP; Scaling & root planing, Drug Delivery Systems (DDS) with Tray), dentures, provisional restorations (dental resin restoration), pulp protection (pulp capping).


Treatment fee
(with all options included)
Scaling ¥5,000
SRP (per block) ¥10,000
Periodontal Surgery ¥150,000
Drug Delivery Systems with Tray ¥55,000
Periodontal Chart & Consultation
(per phase)

Oral Surgery

  • Insurance coverage option available

Our experienced dental team offers a wide range of oral surgical procedures for your dental needs.

Services include

Wisdom tooth extraction, complex tooth extraction, lip/buccal/lingual frenectomy, salivary stone extraction, autogenous tooth transplantation, gum grafting, bone graft, alveolar ridge augmentation (socket grafting), surgical removal of epulis, socket lift, sinus lift, nitrous oxide sedation, dental implant (straumann, AQB, ASTRA), etc.


Hemostatic materials ¥10,000
Removal of dental stones ¥50,000~
Tooth transplantation ¥100,000~
Guided Bone Regeneration ¥150,000~
Nitrous-oxide sedation ¥20,000
Removal of Epulis ¥50,000
Dental Implant
straumann & ASTRA

(Price breakdown is as follows)
・Surgery ¥250,000
・Prosthesis ¥150,000
(Price breakdown is as follows)
・Surgery ¥130,000
・Prosthesis ¥70,000

Dental Dock
Medical Dock

We offer comprehensive dental examination and medical checkup services at our dental center.

The examination includes

Periodontal examination, Oral mucosal examination, Temporomandibular joint examination, Dietary health examination, etc.


Dental Dock and Medical Dock ¥55,000
Dental Dock only ¥25,000

For details about the service and add-on options, visit out our Dental Dock / Medical Dock page

Orthodontic Dentistry

Consult our quality orthodontist so we can provide the best orthodontic treatment for your teeth.

Services include

Orthodontic bracket (metal, ceramic), braces mouthguard, orthodontic procedures with mini implants, etc.


Examination ¥50,000
Adjustment & treatment ¥5,000
Full mouth orthodontic treatment ¥700,000
Infant orthodontic treatment ¥400,000
Partial orthodontic treatment ¥100,000~
Invisalign ¥500,000~
Mini Implant anchor ¥35,000~

Cosmetic Dentistry

Our clinic offers a wide range of cosmetic treatments designed to enhance your smile.

Services include

Teeth whitening (take-home, in-office), gum depigmentation, oral and facial treatments and massage (to improve blood circulation), Airflow stain removal, professional mechanical tooth cleaning (PMTC)


Teeth whitening (take-home) ¥30,000~
Teeth whitening (in-office) ¥10,000~
Gum depigmentation ¥5,000~
Airflow stain removal ¥5,000~
Professional mechanical tooth cleaning
CAD/CAM Resin matrix ceramic crown ¥60,000
CAD/CAM Resin matrix ceramic
Inlay or Onlay
Porcelain-bonded to metal crown ¥120,000
All-ceramic crown ¥150,000
All-ceramic Inlay or Onlay ¥60,000~
Zirconia crown ¥100,000
Zirconia Inlay or Onlay ¥45,000~
Direct Bonding technique with resin ¥25,000~

For details about the service and add-on options, visit out our Cosmetic Dentistry page